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About The IBFUN Brand and Its "Environmental" Philosophy

Everything has life, from an animal to a planet.
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Everything has life, from an animal to a planet. Animals are brutally slaughtered because of our human needs, and the earth cannot bear the mountain of garbage and excessive carbon dioxide emissions.

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For animals, they are just like us, appear on the earth with no idea why. If the meaning of our existence is to experience life, I think it is the same for them, they are also experiencing life. So we don't have any power to bring painful experiences to them. For our earth, she is not as strong as we thought, and her life should be respected even more. We would not exist without her. But our activity like virus has made our planet extremely sick.

So I set up a factory produce bags、belts and hats, all the product produced by our factory does not use animal skins. Every time we sell a product, we reduce the possible production of a leather product, which may save the life of an animal. And we currently purchase raw materials that are not harmful to the global environment as much as possible. By 2030, our products must achieve zero pollution to the earth.

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From the moment I realized that we should respect every life, my life became vivid and fun. So I took our brand name as IBFUN, which means I be fun.  IBFUN is invested with the awe of life and the mission of doing product well.  By setting up factories, on the one hand, we can ensure that every IBFUN product we produce will not harm animals and minimize the damage to the earth as much as possible, on the other hand, we have reduced the number of intermediaries to achieve the goal of providing our customers with the most cost-effective product.

So IBFUN was born.  

She defends the dignity of animal life by not producing leather luggage. Maybe she saves very few lives in the end, just like a drop of water in the sea is insignificant, but where can the sea come without a drop of water?  I believe that more and more people will awaken the consciousness sleeping in their hearts, and I believe that more and more people will dedicate their strength to this battle to defend animal life.  I think there will be a day that goats carry cabbage, rabbits carry carrots and squirrels carry nuts come to my house and knock on the door.

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She uses the production of environmentally friendly products as cheese to feed our declining planet. Maybe one day our earth will end. At least we have fought for the continuation of human civilization.

Thanks to everyone who has visit our website, please forgive if our website looks simple, but please believe that our mission is not simple. We will earn reasonable profits by selling products. After meeting the needs to operate our team, the rest of the profit will eventually be used to promote a better planet.  We can be treated as Animal activists or environmentalist. We advocate spreading our thoughts and values through various channels, and finally let more and more people reverence for every life sincerely.

Finally, we look forward to people with common values and sense of mission to join us.

We also sincerely hope that people who visit our website can give us constructive suggestions.

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