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The Brand Concept Of IBFUN Bags

Whether in terms of our own products or company’s concepts, IBFUN is always trying its best to make choices with an environmental philosophy.
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Whether in terms of our own products or company’s concepts, IBFUN is always trying its best to make choices with an environmental philosophy.

Some people said that environmental protection is a false proposition. As long as environmental protection is tagged as a inspiring slogan, most things have to give their way. Thus, the slogans are unnecessary to go up to a philosophical level. Compared with enterprise pollution emission in the grand scheme of things, maybe, individual contribution for green industry is no more than a drop in the bucket. No matter what impact would have out of human’s attempts, for earth, which has been evolving for hundreds of millions of years, the impact may just exist at a time node. Therefore, based on this thinking, environmental protection is of no account for normal people.

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However, what I want to say is we have to admit that environmental protection is always connected with thousands of households. As world industrialization accelerates, various manufacturing products have also walked into people’s sight. While human’s daily life becomes more prosperous, environmental problem is also revealed. Smog is one of the most notorious instances. Smog is not only hurting human’s organs, but also, with shroud of gray, has a great impact on people’s physical and mental health. Other people hold the opinion that smog is caused by large-scale emission, and individual environmental protection is groundless statement. Although the correct awareness of environmental protection has not been popularized by the whole people yet, it has permeated our daily life, due to the co-development of internet and new energy industry. Ten years ago, as for the smog, we dislike and avoid it. Today, shared bicycles, intelligent travel and new energy vehicles have been put into use, which greatly increases the data metrics of low-carbon life. App platforms have also launched all kinds of green activities, with millions of participants. All those efforts are the contributions to the ecological environment, and we can hardly ignore them. Provided that we are more careful, we’ll easily find that life is more convenient, and also, the air is fresher.

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As a result, with the ecological environment constantly optimizing, outdoor fair culture is continuously expanding, and a growing number of people are getting into variety of outdoor activities. Electronic products and consumer behavior do bring us happiness, but in addition to that, it is quite a joyful way that we experience what nature itself has and gives us. So, most of the time, environmental protection is not just a tag, not the capital of someone who attempts to make an issue, nor an untouchable vocabulary which is far from our life. What environmental protection cares about is that, in an idea, we express an attitude or make a choice. In this way are we part of the efforts for the fancy data and the children of the earth guarding the ecological environment.

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IBFUN adheres to this attitude from beginning to end. We exert our utmost effort to fulfill every promise we made, providing our customers with the sincerest services with the concept of environment protection. At the same time, we hope the idea of Environment Protection Involving Everyone can spread wider, and bring it to customers and industry. We’ll be committed to carrying environment protection, products and services to the end. Besides, we firmly believe that diligently doing great in products, services and environment protection will both take public love to IBFUN and devote to the ecological environment. That is where IBFUN’s power comes from, and that is also why we persist in our original intention.

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