What should a precious gift look like? It should have a soul, and it can remind you of certain people and things anytime and anywhere; it should be like a good wine more and more charming with the passage of time.

  Now we are extremely rich in goods, but it is more and more difficult for us to get such a gift. We received too many gifts and gave too many gifts. They were ruthlessly left in the corner and moldy as the time goes by after they passed the feeling freshness of the owner, and then waited for the fate of being discarded when the locker was full. Oh, I would like to call this gift as an ordinary commodity.

  If destiny is a gift, IBFUN do not want to be regarded as ordinary commodities. So we provide some basic customized services. We can print blessings, names, birthdays or anything else you want on or inside the bag. We can also make a bag, belt, hat or anything else that we can make according to your design. Our factory has a large number of excellent craftsmen who can customize every product well, and we refuse to provide shoddy products. We can personal customization, or mass customization for groups or organizations.

  We hope you can make your relatives and friends feel special, and they will remember you and the story between you and themselves when they take the gift.

  Emotions cannot be touched or seen, and will be lost in the long river of time. But IBFUN makes it tangible and visible, and it can also be frozen on the timeline forever.


Customization steps:

1.【Contact With Us】Let us quickly understand what you need What can we do for you.
2.【Provide logo & text】Provide you with creative logos or patternsor your blessings to relatives and friends.
3.【Pay the order】Choose the bag you like, create order and complete payment.
4.【Start making】We will according to the plan you provide Complete production.
5.【pack & ship】After making We will pack it carefully Shipment by logistics

 We also have ordinary non-customized products, which can be ordered directly. If you need customization, please contact us through one of the following methods.

    Of course we do not make leather products. If you browse "About Us", you can understand that our mission is to reduce animal killings.

Customer service

We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.