【IBFUN】Utility Tote Bag with 1 I21Discount  Code : 2J87KID6


【IBFUN】Utility Tote Bag with 1 I21Discount Code : 2J87KID6

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Discount  Code : 2J87KID6

Utility Tote Bag

[Large Size 14 Exterior Pockets]:

Front: 6 Pockets

Back: 6 Pockets

Sides: 2 Mesh Pockets

[Medium Size 8 Exterior Pockets]:

Front: 3 Pockets

Back: 3 Pockets

Sides: 2 Mesh Pockets

Utility Tote Bag

IBFUN utility tote bag is a stylish and durable utility tote bag, with multiple exterior and interior pockets to keep things organized.

Suitable for teachers, students, working women, soccer moms, dancers, travelers, sportsmen or campers, etc.

Utility Tote Bag

When you need to carry a lot of items, multiple pockets help organize things in bag. Keep them neat, organized and easy to find.

[Large Size Utility Bag]:

14 Exterior Pockets (Contains 2 mesh pockets)

[Medium Size Utility Bag]:

8 Exterior Pockets (Contains 2 mesh pockets)

Utility Tote Bag

There are multiple pockets inside the bag, including mesh pockets or zippered pockets.

The Large utility bag has a laptop compartment inside, which can hold a laptop up to 16 inch!

If you often take your laptop outside, please choose the Large one. You can work on your laptop anytime, anywhere, and it is a mobile office wherever you go when you carry this bag.

[Large Size Utility Bag]:

10 Interior Pockets (Contains a laptop compartment )

[Medium Size Utility Bag]:

6 Interior Pockets

Utility Tote Bag

Largeutility tote bag also comes with a foldable bottom board for enhanced load-bearing capacity.

The bottom board is folded in the package, please fold it in the opposite direction several times to restore the flat state.

Please refer to the method in the picture to restore the folded bottom board to a flat state.

Utility Tote Bag
Utility Tote Bag

IBFUN utility tote bag are available in 2 Sizes, Medium and Large Size.

The Medium one is simple, the Large one is more capacity.

There are more colors for you to choose from, and new ones will continue to be added. Please look forward to IBFUN.